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We are a professional and focused five-person team with a century of combined experience in the financial services industry. We strive to deliver world-class service to our clients. Our premier team emphasizes integrity, trust and service by placing an unconditional focus on the client as well as his or her needs. We leverage the global breadth and depth of UBS while maintaining the heart and soul of a two-person organization. Exceptional service for discerning investors – We are The Lexington Group.

Advice. Beyond investing

In today’s economy, good financial advice has never been more critical. That’s why it’s so important to partner with a team of dedicated Financial Advisors who are committed to listening to you, understanding your concerns and helping ensure all aspects of your financial life are aligned. We’ll strive to be your personal advocates and provide you with advice that is tailored to your unique circumstances and all you’d like your wealth to achieve. We look forward to helping you embrace your financial future with confidence.


The confidence to pursue all your life’s goals starts with a plan.

Planning is the road map for the financial future you envision. It’s the first step in our ongoing conversation with you to develop a clear, actionable and flexible plan based on your needs.

Whether you’re looking to save more intelligently, access your money more efficiently or borrow more strategically, a comprehensive financial plan from your UBS Financial Advisor will give you more confidence in your ability to meet your goals over time.

Only about one-third of Americans have a financial plan.

Talk to your UBS Financial Advisor today about the importance of having one or click an area below to explore solutions that help address your entire financial life.


It’s more than what your assets do. It’s what you can do with them.

The way you access your funds and manage your cash flow each day can have a tremendous impact on your long-term financial goals. From earning competitive rates through the automatic overnight sweep of your available cash to enjoying valuable credit card rewards, UBS has intelligent and integrated ways to maximize the efficiency of your hard-earned dollars.


One eye on today. One eye on tomorrow. That’s the coordination and focus a healthy financial life requires—and exactly why having a financial plan is so important. Particularly when you tackle two of the most significant financial challenges anyone will face: paying for rising college costs and securing a comfortable retirement that may last three decades or more.


Borrowing with a vision for your future. Your UBS Financial Advisor can help you implement solutions to fit your needs.

The assets you own are only one part of your financial life. What you borrow—and more importantly, how you borrow—play a critical role as well. Seeing how assets and liabilities interact to impact your financial life helps you understand which lending options are right for you when buying or refinancing a home or seeking funding for personal and business needs.


Professional advice helps you capture the right opportunities for your financial goals.

Market opportunities are endless. But it takes an investment strategy informed by a thoughtful financial plan and the advice of your UBS Financial Advisor to understand which opportunities are right for you, and when. Working together, you’ll build a growth strategy that relies on discipline and insight to maintain focus in any investment climate.


A lifetime of work must never be left to chance.

Like most highly successful people, you know the value of being thorough and diligent in everything you approach. This includes preparing for the unexpected.

You and your UBS Financial Advisor can account for many of the risks you face—prolonged illness, sudden death, unexpected downturns in the market and much more. Doing so is one of the most important ways to ensure you, your family and your wealth are protected.


Preserving a legacy of everything that’s important to you.

Estate planning is a key element of any financial plan, ensuring the preservation of both assets and values for future generations. Your UBS Financial Advisor understands this, working with dedicated estate planning experts to help you design an estate plan that cares for your loved ones, honors your wishes and preserves your legacy for years to come.


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